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LT2 General Info
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LT2 General Sampling Requirements

For Cryptosporidium Monitoring

1.1.   Monthly or bi-monthly sampling (client choice)

1.1.1.      Grab or filtering in the field (client choice)

1.2.   10L raw water minimum (finished water is not required)

1.2.1.      or 2 ml packed water pellet

1.2.2.      or 2 filters (Envirochek™ HV capsules), which ever comes first

1.3.   Field sample receipt must be <20°C but not frozen

1.4. LT2 requirements state that sampling must be performed the same day of the month plus or minus 2 days. 

    1.4.1.  Therefore, by selecting Tuesdays as the target sample collection day, an LT2 participant will have the latitude to collect the sample Sunday through Thursday of that target week.

1.5.   Matrix Spike (MS) samples are to be performed one per every twenty field samples during the course of the LT2 rule.   

    1.5.1.  Therefore, two MS samples are to be performed for a 24 sampling schedule and 3 MS samples for a 48 sampling schedule.

    1.5.2.  Target occurrence of the MS sample should coincide with the first and every 20th field sample collection thereafter or at a minimum be 12 months apart.

    1.5.3.  The collection of MS sample is to be taken along side the field sample and is required to be within 10% of the associated field sample volume.

1.6   E. coli and turbidity monitoring is required concurrent with Cryptosporidium sample collection.

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