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E. coli Analysis
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TCR presence/absence 


LT2 E. coli enumeration 

E. coli and turbidity monitoring data are being collected as surrogates for high Cryptosporidium levels in a given source water.

Small, filtered water systems (Schedule 4) are permitted to monitor for E. coli and turbidity in lieu Cryptosporidium monitoring. These water systems must collect at least one E. coli sample twice per month for an average over 24 data points.  If the mean E. coli concentration is above the trigger level (50 E. coli/100ml for flowing stream-type source waters OR 10 E. coli/100ml for reservoir/lake source waters), then the water system must monitor for Cryptosporidium.  

We are State and EPA certified to process samples for E. coli enumeration following the multiple well format, Standard Methods 9223B, Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, Colilert® (IDEXX Laboratories).


IDEXX 97 well Quantitray

E. coli 2007 Certification (pdf)

E. coli 2008 Certification (pdf)

Analysis Request Form (pdf)


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